• Courtney's Bio

    Courtney's Bio

    Ms. Harden focused over 50% of her law practice in eminent domain law. While Ms. Harden primarily represents the condemning authorities, she has represented landowners in both condemnation and inverse condemnation proceedings.   


    Ms. Harden has had the exciting opportunity to work on cutting edge cases in eminent domain law during its evolution as a result of the 2012 Constitutional Amendment. Ms. Harden has worked on several “loss of access” cases and lost profits cases which have flowed from the amendment of Article I, Section 11 of the Virginia Constitution, effective January 1, 2013.


    The balance of her litigation practice focuses on other issues involving real estate, including litigation on partition of land, establishment of prescriptive easements, community association covenant enforcement, and litigation surrounding zoning of different properties.


    The portion of Ms. Harden’s practice not dedicated to eminent domain encompasses many different aspects of land litigation.  Ms. Harden litigates Partition cases pursuant to Va. Code §8.01 - 81, et al.  Ms. Harden has extensive experience with covenant enforcement litigation on behalf of both property owner associations and lot owners within property owner associations pursuant to Virginia Code §55-508 et. al., the Property Owners Association Act.  Additionally, Ms. Harden’s expertise includes cases pursuant to the Condominium Association Act (Va. Code § 55-79.39 et. al.), Virginia Landlord Tenant law (Va. Code § 55-217 through § 55-248), Virginia Residential Landlord Tenant Act (Va. Code § 55-248.2 et. al.), and Virginia Manufactured Home Lot Rental Act (Va. Code§ 55-248.41 et al.).   Ms. Harden has also litigated the establishment of prescriptive easements.


    Ms. Harden’s fourteen years of litigation experience with primary focus on land issues provide her with superior knowledge and experience regarding the use of appraisers as experts at trial, appraisal practice generally, jury reactions to the different elements of valuation in land, experience in the litigation of valuation issues without liability issues, and experience in jury selection. Ms. Harden’s extensive experience in land litigation outside of eminent domain provides additional and relevant knowledge to provide condemning authorities with a full and complete skill set for the analysis, evaluation, valuation, risk assessment, and strategy for each of the land litigation cases to be assigned to the Firm.     

    Ms. Harden has experience with administrative proceedings in the Commonwealth, including appearing before the Virginia Worker’s Compensation Commissioner, Virginia Employment Commission and the Virginia State Corporation Commission (“SCC”).    

    Ms. Harden has been a litigation attorney from the time she became a member of the Virginia State Bar in 2003.  She has litigated cases alone, as first chair, as second chair and as part of a team. She has managed and litigated cases from their inception through discovery, trial and post-trial proceedings.  Ms. Harden has also filed and opposed Petitions for Certiorari to the Supreme Court of Virginia.